Curriculum Development Project

Welcome to my Curriculum Development Project! laugh

"Each one teach one!"  - African Proverb

As part of my TESOL MA program at Concordia University Chicago, I created this curriculum development project for the TESL 6220 course, Curriculum Planning and Methodology.


First, I mapped my curriculum: Mapping My TESOL Year 


Then I developed a thematic unit:


And a lesson plan for the thematic unit:


Followed by a needs assessment:

accompanying JCLC documents: 

JCLC Intake form 2012 2013

JCLC Annual Report 2014-2015

Test Benchmarks_NRS ESL descriptors

accompanying documents created by me:


Reflect on your learning...Know.Need.Want to Do

Check-Ins. Exit Slips. Needs Analysis


And the project culminated with my assessment and evaluation plan:


 These materials are to be used solely for the purposes of TESOL.


Your partner in education,
Lorraine Best